Export Products

NE-TSA PLC exports world-renowned organic oilseeds, coffee and cereals grown in Ethiopia.

Import Products

NE-TSA PLC is engaged in large scale domestic and international trade and is a leading company in import and export distribution.


Ne-Tsa pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipments importer and distributor. Our company has started this division in 2019.


NE-TSA PLC is also in real estate; it owns 2B+G+M+9 multipurpose building in the heart of Addis Ababa (1500 M2) and B+G+5 apartment complexes for rent (1500 M2).


NE-TSA Transport is a subsidiary of NE-TSA PLC which owns 50 trucks with trailers with 40 metric ton capacity. NE-TSA PLC is also an operator for over 60 trucks.